quiz-QUESTION PIC1) Humans normally have 32 teeth, how many does your dog have?

2) People have 204 bones (depending on how floating ribs are counted), a dog has _____

3) People run a temperature of 98.6 degrees, any guess for dogs average? hint, it’s higher, why you should NEVER leave a dog in a car if the outside temperature is above about 65 degrees even for 5 minutes – much risk of brain damage, respiratory¬†failure, other bad things. If it seems hot to you, it could be fatal for fido!!!

4) True or False – it’s fine to give your dog a bone, ice cube or a rawhide chew.

5) When your pup has an accident in the house any standard cleaner will work for clean up, why is this not true?

6) Dogs cool themselves off by panting, is this correct, Yes or No?

7) Do you Love your dog?


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