key-ANSWERS PICPlease speak with your Vet. provider about all questions you have and seek online info from reliable sources but start with your Vet.

1) Dogs clock in at 42 teeth

2) your pup has an incredible 319 bones…really, look it up twice!

3) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, LIFE – DEATH. PLEASE TALK TO VET. & LEARN OTHERWISE! Your dog loves you and loves to travel with you but sometimes it’s not just a bad idea but DEADLY. Please adhere this advice.

4) I would not give any of these to my dog, again, ask your Vet. Think cracked/fractured/broken teeth – bacterial issues, choking, etc.

5) Dogs leave a chemical scent when they go and you need a cleaner that destroys this scent left behind. Which is why they sniff before they go.Enzyme based cleaner.

6) No, dogs cool by sweating between the pads of their feet – not much to work with, AGAIN THE CARS!

7) YES!!!


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