Painful Twist of Fate

The idea of 4 luv of Dogs started with the Mighty Otter but was reinforced and continued when Bela joined the Family.

We have all heard the phrase/saying “appreciate everyone and everything like it was your last day on earth, you may never see them again”. This saying, however; works both ways, we could be gone or, they could be gone.

Think about it, something as mundane as a quick run to the store for something could be the last action we or someone we know ever takes depending on many factors: level of traffic, height of the sun (glare), time of day but most of all on the other drivers.

Are they alert and paying close attention or are they: tuning the radio, texting/calling or maybe tired and frustrated after a long day?

I took Bela to the Vet. for what was initially thought to be a minor back injury – take X-Rays for good measure, run some blood work, carefully take her home, drug and make her comfy.

I get a phone call the following morning telling me to bring her in as an Emergency patient immediately. They found something with the blood work and X-Ray…?

My 12-year-old pup went from a seemingly not only healthy but very energetic dog to a very sick little girl. It started with the red cell readings WAY TOO LOW. Followed by a large tumor of undetermined nature on her spleen, referred to another hospital with more expertise. More diagnostics, more bad news – several smaller tumors nearby.

We can’t risk surgery due to the blood issues and her problems with anesthesia, we can’t just leave things alone. At the time of this writing I have my sick little girl on the bed just feet away, providing frequent love calls, all the while making sure she gets rest. She is in bad shape and not expected to improve………leaving me with a decision to have her “put down”, still working on it. We have had a Great life along with Otter but that still does not mean We give up easily. I know what is most likely but will cover reasonable options. Main concern is that one or more tumors could burst (as a smaller one was suspected-hence bad blood work) and be not only fatal but very painful. I know.

So always stay positive but don’t take loved ones (no matter how many feet) for granted, they could be gone in an instant, or a short period of days.

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