Hot Dog(s)!!!

dog-in HOT CARAs we enter the time of grilling and cookouts, we must talk about Hot Dogs. No, not the nutritionally questionable product in a pack of ten (usually) and the pack of buns in sets of eight, You do the math. Thanks comic Gallagher.

What we are talking about is the cooking temperature of your very own canine, much lower than You would think.

Our pups run an operating temperature of around 103, about five degrees higher than us, this is major when it is warm/hot and you’re wearing a fur coat, ESPECIALLY IN A VEHICLE, MINUTES CAN MEAN MASSIVE DAMAGE OR DEATH!

Today it was about 80 degrees, of course sunshine-in the Denver-Metro Area and I placed a digital thermometer in the car at 11:00 A.M. Windows lowered about 2.5 inches (someone could possibly reach in), this is HOW FAST bad things can happen.

11:00 A.M. did not take reading

11:08 105 degrees

11:10 115 degrees

11:12 120 degrees

11:15 126 degrees





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