Would You move your vehicle 10 feet in an emergency for a dog? Some Won’t.

One week (July 11, 2017) ago my pup of 12 years left this earthly plane. I know this happens, still brutal.
What happened the Tuesday afternoon preceding her next day death has left myself on a mission to bring an investigation/exploration of a complaint I filed, EVER filed a complaint against USPS?!
They make it difficult and enter it into the self-protecting mechanism that they are.
I will return with the details, HOW IMPORTANT IS A PARKING SPACE?
This postal worker was asked to move his truck and refused, “It’s a dog emergency!” I asked for a ten foot pull-up, NO!
POSTAL – “I am allowed to park here, I have a permit, You’re making too big a deal out of this”. YES!, My Dog is so sick she needs to be carried to the car for a Vet. visit, She did pass away the following morning.

I did not ask for a permanent spot, just a few minutes.

I have a new Postal Slogan: (even if just for this non-human):
U.S. Postal Carriers,
We wear our hearts’ on our sleeves…PROVING THERE IS NONE INSIDE US.
Again, maybe just this guy.


I spoke directly with this Mail Carriers Supervisor, who assured me the incident was being “handled internally” by Post Office Personnel…

Translation: They did NOTHING except protect their own interests.






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