Why they are more than just dogs – 9 reasons

We’ve all heard the expression “it’s just a dog”, often when in need of medical attention or perhaps when people are moving somewhere. In truth they are far more; they are in fact very important members of the family. According to Oprah Winfrey “they are furry little people”.

They can be your best friends given the opportunity.

They are exercise partners, or fellow couch potatoes.

They are there for you during good times or bad.

They worry about you when you are sick and know when you are depressed.

They often can provide you with comedic relief when it is most needed.

They can act as a burglar alarm even when the electricity is out.

They have complete trust in you and do their best to prove their worthiness.

They can be a companion to a child, as well as a guardian.

They give you unconditional love whether or not it is returned.

These are just nine reasons why they are more than just dogs, there are bound to be many more. Learn to be patient and understanding of your dog,

Don’t expect them to understand English or whatever language is used unless you can understand dog speak.cropped-laughingdogs-e1488717237207


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